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Protective Liner Systems, Inc.

About Protective Liner Systems, inc.

Over 25 Years Experience In The Infrastructure Rehabilitation Industry

Protective Liner Systems, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of various products used in the repair and rehabilitation of infrastructure systems as well structures in the chemical containment industry. These products include various cementitious products as well as a wide variety of epoxy products.

In addition PLS is the distributor of Stehr specialty road construction machinery. We have been proudly representing Stehr for over five years.

Stehr Products

Stehr is a leading innovator in roadway construction machinery.

Manhole Cutters

The Stehr Manhole Cutter helps you quickly and safely adjust manholes in roadways. Attach it to your skid steer, excavator, or similar piece of equipment and you are ready to go.

Triple Plate Compactors

The SBV 80 HC3 Triple Plate Compactor is a low vibration compactor that provides up to 17,985 lbs. force per plate.

Special Order Equipment

This includes various size compactors, as well as wheel trench cutters, graders, and soil stabilization equipment.

Stehr machines are developed by practice for practice.


Stehr Products

Stehr SKF 950 Manhole Cutter

Various size Compactors as well as Trench Cutters, Graders, and Soil Stabilization Equipment

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